Let the Bloody Moon Rise Limited Edition LP (Pre-Order)

Let the Bloody Moon Rise Limited Edition LP (Pre-Order)

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This is the first-ever official release of Let the Bloody Moon Rise, mixed, mastered and in its originally intended nine-song sequence, along with two bonus tracks recorded during the sessions.

Produced and mixed by Kurt Bloch

Limited edition 180 gram black vinyl in a gatefold sleeve includes digital album card, plus digital album delivered immediately to your inbox.

Please note: This is a pre-order and vinyl is in production.

01. Some Depression
02. Down, Lucine
03. Just Kids
04. Older Guys
05. Ain't Life Grand?
06. Don't Look Back
07. Like Teenage Gravity
08. Abaddon Blues
09. The Lucky Ones
10. Bad Actor (Bonus Track)
11. Already Gone (Bonus Track)